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february 1

is it really february ALREADY???
there is alot going on this week, gigs at brennans and mammoth this weekend, along with the superbowl on sunday featuring my guys, the steelers! i will be in my black and gold all weekend...

here are some pics of me and the girls 2 weekends ago in mammoth!

karen sleds, mandy runs!

mandy and karen!

annick sleds!

annick shovels!

here i am with annick after a long day of sledding and shoveling and walking and playing in the snow and having fun!!!!!

i am back up in mammoth this weekend for the superbowl, so look for me on the slopes and in the lodges to check on the score! :D

february 2

don't know if you heard or not, but Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning which means there will be 6 more weeks of winter (but WHERE? i ask you, in punxsutawney PA or everywhere in the northern hemisphere????)... anyway, it's GROUNDHOG DAY, so get out there and enjoy the 42nd day before winter ends!!!

thanks to my palz who showed up at brennans last night, it was a GREAT gig! had alot of fun with some new sounds, new songs, and old songs as well... what a great crowd! see ya on the slopes this weekend! (and if not, i will try to post some pics! :D)

february 4

go steelers!

ok, now back to our regular scheduled program.... i know that phil said there will be 6 more weeks of winter, but it's sure feeling alot like spring... here is red rock canyon at almost sunset:

sunset in mojave

the alpine glow.....

go steelers! :D

february 5

GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!!

(later) ok, ok, it was an awesome day here in mammoth!!! here i am showing off my black and gold and also the championship t shirt that mom and dad sent to me to wear this weekend!!!

i had fun skiing and hanging out with the j crew and rob! :D

and ran into the very talented jeff kossack whose cd is just about ready to be released!!!!

and as i was headed back to the house from the mountain, i came upon this WONDERFUL home here in the mountains!!!!

they even have a goal post up..... cute, huh???

that's all for now, it's almost game time!!!!!

february 10


february 14

happy valentine's day!

hope you are all enjoying the holiday!

congrats to all of our olympic medalists, especially the gang from mammoth! our snowboard team rules!!!!

february 17

here i am back in mammoth and it is brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... so COLD! having a cold snap but there is a great chance of some fresh powpow for the hounds! woo hoo!!! in the meantime i am doctoring a cold and a voice that is not 100%, but am giving it a good girl scout try! back at the dry creek bar again tonight, through sunday night, so stop by if you are here! this is just how cold it is...

the last of the snow left over from december's and january's storms...

congrats to seth wescott for snagging the gold in the boarder cross event yesterday!