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february 1

happy hearts month!

february 3

celebrated the 7th anniversary of blue dot downtown on wednesday!

here is angie, owner/designer, with michael, elliott and vicky!

the food was great!

the gang, with arely grabbing her drink of choice! (veuve cliquot champagne!!!!!!)

angie and me!

time for a toast to the success of blue dot!!!

dexter takes it all in.... sigh....

february 8

had a great time in mammoth with my ski buddies....the j crew and rob and me!!!

february 9

last night at the liquid lounge was a FUN time!!!!! we got to play on the painter night, where casey painted while we performed music, and it was a BLAST!!!!! we had a wonderful dinner with our friend brian beforehand (plus chocolate martinis, tisa/tuaca and my/frangelica ' s FAVORITE new drink!) both dave and brian took some pics.... here are dave's first:

and brian took a few cool pics too.....

hi mom, no cavities!!!

we had a great time and can't wait to play there again!!!! see ya soon!

february 14

happy valentine's day!!!
mammoth was awesome over the weekend... saw wooly on the hill:

went up to the mammoth mountain inn to see my friend mare lennon play her music!!!

mare and i hang out at the bar....

with paula!

the next day, mammoth was sunny but the drive there was really odd - it was foggy and smokey in the valley and kind of spooky looking!

can't wait to go back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

february 18

don't forget that if it's raining tomorrow, tisa and i will NOT be performing at pitfire pizza company in north hollywood, so make sure you check the weather or call them up before heading on out. we are playing it by sky! :D