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february 1

HAPPY LUVUARY LUVVIES, and greetings from snowy and VERY cold mammoth lakes! having a bit of a tough time keeping warm, but am enjoying the playing and the skiing. its all beautiful! might have some pics to post later, but not sure!!!! xoxo

february 2

so, i hear that punx.phil (see his photo here) saw his shadow this morning over in my ole fair state pennsylvania, which means (sorry to be the bearer of bad news, unless you are a skier!) 6 more weeks of WINTER. hang in there east coasters: curl up with a hot chocolate and peppermint schnapps (unless you arent drinking age, then sans the peppermint!) in front of the fire, wear your favorite fleece jacket (mine has snowflakes on it!), and stay warm!!!! it WILL be spring before you know it!

february 5

forgot to tell you guys that "every little raindrop" from SOAK is one of the featured songs on the musesmuse website which is chock full of songwriters tips and music info! tisa and i are in good company, too! one of the other artists is our friend stacey board from utah!!!! to check out the radio show, go here!

february 19

hope everyone had an awesome v day last weekend! i did! got to ski with palz and then play at the yodler in mammoth. another tough day at the office! sigh!

hey! i just joined kelly's lot in the hip to hep c campaign! this is what it'a all about: this is all a part of a Hepatitis C awareness campaign that will bring information to people all over the USA through musicians and artists. the goal is to educate as many people as we can about hepatitis C and help to erase the stigma attached to to this disease. musicians and artists will offer postcards about hepatitis C at their shows and events which include information about risk factors and other important facts about hep c. for more information go to www.HepCCoalition.com

more news and stuff and pics coming soon, i promise, i hope..... ;D

february 25

here i am in mammoth and it's really coming down, and the snowflakes are those big, fat, fluffy ones!!! everything is getting covered because the snow is actually STICKING!!! eee ha! skiing is gonna be great!!! anyway, wanted to post a few pics for you guys, since you are always asking me what it looks like wherever i am!!!

looking out my windows...

more later!

february 26

HUGE storm in the past 24 hours, brought 30"-40" of snow to mammoth, and this morning there was a blue sky for a split second before it started snowing again... we are to get up to another foot and a half, wow!!!! skiing will be awesome! once they dig out!!! anyway, here are more pics of what it looked like during those early moments of sunshine this morning!

yes, thats my car, buried in the mess, even after cleaning it off 3 times during the storm.... i have my work cut out for me this morning!!!

(later) the gig was great fun! i had some dancers who kept the crowd going all night long!!! here are mac, perry, charlotte, and holly!

zach in the middle of dean and jackie's lauren and lindsey!

here i am with mac and holly, charlotte and perry. note that mac and i have similar pants! ;D

off to bed... powder skiing in the morning! g'nite!