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February 1

first of all, i am trying this journal thing differently - will be adding to the page under the last entry, so when you read the archived journal you dont have to start at the bottom and scroll up... so keep that in mind when you bring up this page and always see the 1st of the month there - just scroll down to see whats new!!!

happy february!!!! i have always loved the month of feb - we are in the midst of winter, there is usually snow on the ground (not here in l.a. tho...), and valentines everywhere start gathering chocolate and lace to give to their loved ones.... (HINT HINT, YOU OUT THERE!!!!!!!)
have a wonderful beginning of this wonderful month!!!!

February 7

thanks to you guys for coming out to brennans and supporting che solo! i really appreciated it and had a blast!!! tisa is taking a little break but might be back for the valentines day gig! stay here or join my mailing list for the updates!
here are aome pics of my drive to mammoth this weekend... going over the crest:

the sun setting (it was MUCH prettier in person!!!

the sky in mojave...

more coming soon!!!

February 8

this is how coooolllld it is... brrrrrr.....

February 13

here i am in mammoth... (thanx frank!)

more pics here

what are you all doing for valentine's day??? i wanna know!!!!!

February 16

finally got to utah for my little vaca!!
its snowing, but here are pics of arizona from the car!!!

more to come all this week!!!

hope to have some ski pics tomorrow... check in then!!!

February 18

gosh it's cold here... but beautiful. skiing has been great! and look at this view!
skialicious me...

looking over the hills and far away...

chris and me

more to come as it comes...

February 19

just finished my jacuzzi under the stars (to be exact, orion and the pleides were watching over!)... went to the canyons today, and after some great skiing went down to the ampitheater to see my friend stacey board and her band! they sounded GREAT!!! c.j. on drums, lance on bass and the sassy miss stacey herself on guitar and vocals!

tony shooting some pics...

i then took the stage for a few of my own tunes... thanks dawn for taking the pics!!!

chris, tony, and bruce warming up by the fire...

the gathering place...

hope to have more pics tomorrow, unless i keep forgetting to take them.... eeeek!

February 20

what a day!!! started out at the top of snowbird, right before the storm came in...gorgeous, huh???

after skiing fresh powder all day long, whew, got ready for the gig at the atrium! here's stacey, solo this time, in this beautiful bar!!!

then my turn to go on... what a great place with such a beautiful view!!!

stacey and me

only a few more days and i will be back to the old grind...

February 21

deer valley with the kleins day...a fun time!!!

natalie the purple gorilla... ;D

hanging with sean and the snow cowboy...

the pensive cowboy snowman...

natalie, mike, and austin at the top of the mountain!

me, natalie and austin pose for our closeup!

more later!

February 22

last day in park city...

pretty little town

where i spent a little time...

yours truly, che

tomorrow to brianhead and then vegas and then home sweet home....

February 24

back home and whew, what a trip! i tried to take pictures on the way home, but, i had to sleep, you know??? tee hee.... so here is something BETTER than that! a link to more pics of the canyons gig and also the snowbird gig from last week, thanks to stacey board! please check out her website and also buy her cd, it's GREAT!!!!!
here's the link = pics