sorry it has taken me so long to upload this month's journal but time is just getting away from me!!! i can't believe that the year is almost over (are the years going faster????) and i still haven't checked off alot of my things on the to do list that i make up constantly.... i don't even have a ton of shows this month, just the solo ones at the regular spots, but promise to have more in the coming year. and maybe at some new places! if there is somewhere you want me to play, please email the info to me and i can work on that! thanks to andrew s for always suggesting new places to play!
that's all for now.... no ski or snow pics at the moment, since there is no new local snow, unfortunately......


wow, it HAS been a long time since i have written anything... but, happy holiday and i hope you have been having as much fun as i have been having! thought i would try and post a few pics for you before the calendar turns to 2007 and i have to make up a new monthly journal with more stuff to report!!!!! so, here ya go!
a friend of mine who isnt even from pittsburgh has a STEELERS TREE!!! how fun!

snow in the mountains....

my cat rosey trying to fit into the card sleigh!!! with not alot of luck. all he could fit in there was his butt!

a christmas sunset over los angeles.... gorgeous, huh???

the neighbors go crazy!!!!!

rosey opens some presents...

deer in the yard!

bisou prefers to hide out in the wrappings!!!

have a glorious holiday season!!! xoxo