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december 1

december is HERE! and it's finally kind of cool here in cal! yahooo!!! praying for snow and a great ski season and lots of holiday joy!

thanks to dennis's artsy photography, i have some cool pics from my solo show at uni bar and grill monday night...

dennis gets creative...

it was a fun gig!

there are quite a few shows this month, all solo, but mostly in mammoth, so if you are there, please come by and say hi! all shows up there for the month of december are at the mammoth mountain inn's dry creek bar! stop by for a toddy!

december 7

happy birthday sylvia!!!

wanted to share some beautiful snow pics! hope we get more, and SOON!!!

the road to the mountain

bisou, snow bunny!

more soon!!!

december 18

trip to mammoth... the full moon was rising up over the desert around ridgecrest... gorgeous, huh? at first i didnt even know what that WAS when it was coming up, just a big white THING, and then it revealed itself!!!

this morning i am snowed in.... i have alot of shoveling to do before i can get anywhere, but its beautiful here!!! and FINALLY there is a bunch of new snow, even after a 10 day forecast of clear and sunny and no precip, this storm has surprised everyone! happily!

dude, where's my car?


december 24

christmas eve in mammoth, and what fun.... the trip up to the mountain, 50 degrees....

the mammoth mountain inn decorated for the holiday!

zach tends bar - check out the mountain in the background!

me with jim and chad from the mammoth dog teams! MUSH!

che rocks

who would appear at the show, but bill flower!

john and i wish you a merry christmas!

merry christmas to all!!!!

december 25


hope you are all enjoying your day!

december 31

have a safe and sane new years eve and the best to you in 2006!!!!