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december 1

can you believe that its already december??? whew, the time is flying by. it will be 2004 (TWO THOUSAND FOUR!!!!!!!) in 31 days, eeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will soon post a few pics of this past weekend. talk soon! xoxo

december 4

finally pics from my thanksgiving trip to mammoth!!! here is the scenery on the drive up... yes, i did this while driving, dont shoot me...

mammoth has a new "village" which is really cool...

with a big screen with ski and snowboard movies and videos going on all day!!!

after my gig at the little eagle lodge, i went up to the mammoth mountain inn to see my friend stacey board perform at the dry creek bar! she sounded amazing!!! here we are on one of her breaks!

mark and michael joined us on saturday night!

and the only other pics i took were of the drive home (sorry!).... such pretty country...

that's all for now.... see you soon!!! xoxo

december 22

ohmigosh, has it been THAT long since i have written here? (i know, shut up, dont tell me!!!!!!!!!) finally have some pics to post for you..... firstly from brennans where we did our last brennans of 2003 gig at the cowspace party, where our pal jeff sang with us on "heavens gate" and sounded just amazing!!!!

then we had a special surprise singer join us for a few tunes, one of my producers, rosemarie "mumsy" zuro!!! (applause!) (woo hoo!)

thursday night i had a chance to play solo at western beat east at the coffee gallery backstage and it was a shame that there wasnt a good turnout because the music was awesome!! brett perkins tried out 4 new songs which were all amazing, and then stuck around til he had to go and pick up his girlfriend at the airport!

victor gutierrez introduced tee-m, who was there with his trusty upright bassist, al, and played his eastern-meets-the-beatles-inspired songs!!!!!

more of tee-m!

then my friend lauren adams took the stage and played songs from her latest cd, "thirsty"...

phil van tee and mark romano also performed that night, and were both great! here is our fearless leader, victor!

....just another beautiful california sunset......