welcome to ché's news journal!
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so check back now and then for
news and thoughts and stuff!
if you have anything interesting to report
around town or in the world,
please let ME know!
thanks, and read on............

December 28

its SNOWING... ALOT.....
tried to take a pic and voila the snowflakes actually showed up!!!
and thats IT!

self portrait, a very tired che in front of the fire...

December 27

trip to mammoth...
besides frozen water pipes and alot of shoveling,
i am having a blast!
frank and nanci playing at the double eagle...

December 24

christmas eve sunset...
thinking of you!

merry, merry!

December 23

here i am wearing a kyf brewer t shirt in front of the local snow!!! woo hoo! beautiful, huh??? just you wait til i get myself a better camera!

have a rockin christmas!

December 18

what a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!
there is snow in the local mountains, altho this pic doesnt really SHOW it,
but i SWEAR there IS!!!!

enjoy the day!
i am!

December 17

ok, ok, so it's been a slow news month, so sue me!
i think you should be out there buying gifts for everyone anyway, and not lingering on this webpage, ok????
tee hee....
some new pics....
the calm before the storm:

this one's looking due south to long beach...

another of the downtown los angeles skyline....

here's my favorite little visitor!!! sasha!

sit and stay, oh, and lay down and hang out with che!

December 8

thanks to all of you who came out to the coach house last night!
what a GREAT show of support you all gave me!!!
if anyone got any good pics, please send, so i can post them here!!!

December 1

just wanted to get this up and running!
can you believe that it's already december???

here are pics from the jam bash on friday!
(more pics are stuck in my other camera!)

frank and me

creating a monster ;D
(there's nothing like a little encouragement!)

more coming soon!!!