Che Zuro's Autumn 2016 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

November 27

Woke up to SNOW! It sure is beautiful, and the flakes keep on coming! This storm was not supposed to bring this much of the white stuff, but it did. The next storm we could get a foot or more. Fingers crossed for the ski resorts in the area that have yet to open! Here are 2 shots from the back yard.

And a view of the snow on the trees, which is always so pretty until it melts or blows away!

Soon I will be changing the journal to my winter journal, but this is just a preview of what's to come! Hehe.

November 24

Be grateful for all you have!
I am!

November 19

Sad news. My cat Rosey had to be put down yesterday. He was my little buddy and acted more like a dog than a cat most of the time. I taught him how to come to me when I said "Come here Rosey" and he also sat for me. I will certainly miss him because he was a constant in my life for the past 11.5 years. This photo was taken yesterday morning before going to the vet. I'm very sad.

November 17

Back from PA and the trip was great! Spent some quality time with my Mom and worked on her house to get some of the neglected things done, and it's happening! I was able to perform a couple of shows, see a bunch of friends at said shows, and hang out with my family a little bit! Here I am with my Mom, at a wine dinner on my first night back!

After jamming on Thursday night at Sheree's, my usual place to jam when I am back there with all of my peeps, Greg the drummer had a gig cancel, so pulled together another Saturday night jam, this time with David Granati of Pittsburgh's G-Force. I had met David years ago and we have been Facebook pals for awhile, but had never had the chance to play together. This was a real treat for me. Thanks to Bruce and Greg, Dog and John, Robin and all the gang for always including me. Here are some pics that Mary Ann took that night! THANKS!
Jamming with Dog, David and Greg:

David and me:

Brucie joins us on guitar!:

Robin on bass and yup, ME ON DRUMS!:

It was great to get a musician group pic that night too, which is seldom done because people come and go and come and go:

My trip back was also great, being able to see my college BFF Cindy in Hudson, Ohio, a cute little town not too far from where she lives, and right off the turnpike for me.

I also was able to stop and see Herbert Hoover's birth town, (Here is his childhood home!)

museum and library and burial spot

, in West Branch Iowa, while driving as well as stopping at the Archway Monument

where the old Oregon trail route went through in Nebraska.

The latter was super special because my 3rd Great Grandfather's brother John used this route around 1850-51 on his way to Oregon, where he later, in 1852, bought land. The Goodlin's in Oregon are probably all related to me!

Hope you enjoyed my travel journal! More to come soon!

November 4


After playing a really fun Halloween "Social" at Kelly's Roadhouse with really tasty prime rib and so much fun with the Kelly's gang, (and me dressed as a dark haired pirate:)

I left on a road trip, back to PA! The sunrise was gorgeous as I was getting out of town.

I drove to North Platte, Nebraska the first night then visited my uncle and aunt the next day, for lunch!

Then I made my way to Des Moines to visit my old friend Brian Joens and appear on his radio show, Dirt Road Radio! All through Nebraska and Iowa I saw wind mills giving these areas some great alternative power!

Des Moines is such a nice town and the weather was beautiful - a crisp autumn day - and at the station, Brian and I caught up as he played some great new music. He gets info on a lot of new bands with their first CDs or relatively new bands who have released something new, and plays a variety of cool punky rock indie music on the show. Here he is spinning "discs" and me at the station!

After the show, Brian took me to a place for me to get the total Iowa experience: The Iowa Taproom! With only Iowa made beer, about 160 different ones, all on tap, I was in heaven! We had the "sampler" that they call The Flight, which includes 4 different 6 oz. beers for you to try. They were all so different and amazing. One made with beets, another made with basil and cucumber, one stout with peanut butter undertones. Wow. Heavenly!

And then I had to have the total Iowa experience so ordered "The Iowan" which was a loose meat sandwich. Something I have NEVER heard of! The whole experience was great and memorable. Plus hanging out with Brian again was super fun! Here is a pic of the center of their bar with all of the taps!

The next day I drove to west of Chicago to visit my friend Margie. We went to college together in Florida and I have not seen her since the early 80s! What a fun time. Just like I thought, it felt like no time had passed!

She had lunch for us and her daughter was there so we could meet each other, and I cannot wait to go back and visit! Since I had other stops to make, I had to leave and continued to my cousins house north of the city, where we drank vodka and talked about our family! So incredible to see her, as it had been also the early 80s since we last saw one another! Here we are in the kitchen with Juno looking at us!

Then I was off to see and stay with Jan (from the Orchids and Puss N Boots) and Tami (from Puss N Boots) and I was able to catch up with them and see their new home, and spend the night. My heart was so full!!! Of course at every household that day the talk was all about The Cubs! That night there was a game, in Cleveland, that they also won, and as we all know, they won the next night too, so I was glad to be out of Chicago by that time! I left early in the morning, before sunrise, and it was a beautiful drive to Pennsylvania!

More to come as my road trip continues in my home state of PA!

October 21

I just received 2 of the 3 CDs that I will be reissuing soon. The inside booklet will not be 4 sided, just a 2 sided, so I will more than likely put the inside of the booklet online so everyone can access it to see what the original CDs looked like and contained. This company that I am using will allow me to order even 1 at a time, so it can be as needed, rather than having inventory in my house. 1000 at a time. Ugh! So this is what they look like!!!



I will have these available as well as Welcome Home, for shows starting around Thanksgiving, and MAYBE before. Hopefully I can add inventory to some of the CD Baby links so that one can also purchase the CD instead of only the digital download. If you want!

I have been preparing for a trip back east and besides booking a radio show with my friend Brian Joens on Halloween night, (info on my TOUR page) I also will be playing at two of my favorite places around the Pittsburgh area, Driscoll and Sons in Elizabeth Township and Payne Hill Grille in Jefferson. Local peeps, I hope to see you!

Local Utah people, come out to Kelly's Roadhouse for the Halloween Social on Saturday October 29. You MUST RSVP and the dinner will be amazing! Costume contest entry included in the price, $25!

This will be a great night, so plan NOW!!!!

Enjoy the Autumn Leaves!

October 14


SOON, VERY SOON you will be able to get some of the CDs that have been unavailable at my shows as well as online for purchase. I am doing reissues of my first 3 solo CDs, "10,000 Jalama Road," "Welcome Home" and "Orphans." Soon they will be available at every show and also online at various places. Stay tuned for the whens and wheres! Here is the art for the 3 CDs if you have never seen them before.



October 10

Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Instead of "Columbus Day" I choose to celebrate the native people who lived here well before Columbus even thought about sailing to some new "undiscovered" place. Celebrating my friends with Native American blood is important to me on this day and every day.

It is finally fall. The beauty that surrounds me is evident that the season is changing from summer to autumn, by the cold nights and warm days that we always called "Indian Summer" when I was a kid, and the beginnings of he changing of the leaves. At this moment, the upper elevations of where I live in Utah are about finished with the changing colors, but lower, at about 5000' elevation, it is just beginning.

Seeing those red maple leaves and the start of the cottonwoods and aspens changing to yellow certainly makes you know that winter is around the corner! We have also had a lot of rainbows and DOUBLE rainbows lately, and this was first thing in the morning, which is pretty unusual for rainbows!

And now is the time for decorating for what has to be MY favorite holiday ever, Halloween! I decided to have some mice ready for munching...

And with pumpkins, antlers, skulls and more on my dining table, I think I am ready!

I also booked a gig on Halloween, actually the Saturday of that weekend before the actual date of Halloween, at one of my favorite places, Kelly's Roadhouse. Check out my tour dates for updates on the show. We are planning a costume contest and some other fun things!

Then on Halloween night, I will be in Des Moines, IA, at my friend Brian Joens' weekly radio show, Dirt Road Radio! You can listen live and "hang out" with my old friend and me! Here is a pic of Brian and me and a bunch of friends and Spinout Records artists, at a gig north of Los Angeles, in 2001!

Clockwise from me in the photo, is Bernie Larsen, Craig Leener, Erik Koskinen, Rock Deadrick in the back, Brian Joens, and blues babe, Becky Barksdale. Fun times!