Che Zuro's Autumn 2015 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

November 20

After the Paris attacks on November 13th, I stopped my thankful posts. It seemed to be too egocentric. It suddenly became tough to be thankful for my stuff while others were suffering so much. The fear that this imposed into everyone's souls has taken over. We are all thankful that we are safe, but with so many friends who had friends in the concert hall or at the soccer game who were directly affected by the terrorists lets one know that we are really close to everything bad that happens in the world.

I am very thankful for a warm and cozy home, friends, family, love. I feel bad posting anything that I am really thankful for anymore, so I will just post whenever. My thankfulness will remain in my heart EVERY day, not just in November, as it has always been.

I am thankful for you!

November 13

November 12

Thankful for remembering, even at the last minute, how precious life is!

November 11

Thankful for our Veterans, present (and past,) who continue to fight for our freedom!

November 10

Thankful for the peace of the first real snow......

November 9

Thankful for a little bit of time to relax. Sit. Vedge. Be quiet and reflect life and what I can do to be a better person.

November 8

Thankful for such a glorious day.

Perfect Indian summer weather in Utah (very cold in the morning moving into a warm and sunny afternoon), friends, music, lively conversation, food, pumpkin spice beer and much, much love. My cup runneth over!

November 7

Thankful to be a working musician and to be able to sing a table side Happy Birthday (doing it my own special way!) for Dr. Alvin Cobabe, who is a young 98 years old!!!

November 6

Thankful for a safe trip back to my home in Utah. Although I originally had a 2.5 hour layover and was happy with that (lunch, relax, etc.) it turned into a 9 hour layover/delay due to the weather in Texas. (There was a reported tornado in Fort Worth!) First there was a slight delay which turned into 30 more minutes because we had a plane but no crew (they were stuck in Abilene due to the weather) then they gave our plane to a flight that had a crew but no plane! Despite all of this, all passengers just relaxed and talked with each other, giggled a lot (every time they extended the delay.... it got to be a joke) and started to prepare to stay in the airport all night! Finally at midnight we were on the plane taxi-ing and taking off. Arrival at my house - 3:30am. Yawn. Happy but exhausted. THANKFUL to be home safe and sound!

November 5

Thankful to be able to go back home and stay in my childhood home. My folks bought this house right before I was born and had planned to move when child #2 came along, which never happened. They stayed, and now I get to "come home!" This is my last day here this trip. Photo taken this morning!

November 4

Thankful for my Mom, someone I can be corny with, giggle until we cry, discuss important issues, and love unconditionally. I'm blessed to be able to spend so much time with her even though I live so far away. BFFs Forever!

November 3

Thankful for a gorgeous Indian Summer here in Pennsylvania, for the last couple of days that I am visiting.
Learn more about Indian Summer here!

November 2

Thankful for the nomination for the Indie Ogden Awards in the Band/Musician category. It is so nice to be noticed! THANK YOU!
(Here is the link if you wanna vote..... VOTE HERE!

November 1

My friend Debi started this a few years back on Facebook, so I am posting my own daily thanks for all sorts of things, first on Facebook and then copying here. Enjoy. And also, be thankful for everything you have in this world and inside your heart!

November 1 : Thankful for being able to be HOME and help family.