Che Zuro's Autumn 2013 Journal

November 28, 2013 Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving friends! I wanted to write on this day and tell you how grateful I am for your love and support! All of my life, I have been blessed. Even when going through tough times, my friends and family and the promise of tomorrow gets me through. So, THANK YOU!

How was YOUR day???

This year I have been reading a lot. As a kid, I was an avid reader and continued throughout my adult life. In the past couple of years, I realized I wasn't reading nearly as much, if any, as I used to, so decided to pick some books that were on a to-read list, and started. Now I am unstoppable! Besides actual BOOKs, audio books are a part of my life. It's actually fun to drive and have someone read to me, or have someone read to me while I am gardening or doing some of my tasks where having a story read to you makes the time go by easier! Browsing through an audio book site that I use a lot, there was a list of biographies, which I usually enjoy. (Just finished Steven Tyler's "Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?" - WORTH THE READ, FUN!) What caught my eye was Belinda Carlisle's Lips Unsealed, which sounded like it could be interesting. It was enjoyable. The thing that I think I liked the best was all of the reminders about what Hollywood was like when I first moved there, in the midst of the punk era. My band, Backstage Pass, rehearsed at the Masque, played the clubs, and hung out at everyone else's shows, and knowing Belinda back then and now listening to her biography, brought back a lot of my memories, too. If you were a part of that scene back then, you would probably enjoy some of the stories she told, like one of the shows at the venue across from MacArthur Park near downtown L.A. where S.W.A.T. showed up and lots of punk rockers and friends were injured. I was AT that show, but left before the mayhem began.
This is worth the read!

November 23, 2013

As per your request, I have started to upload lyrics for all of my solo recordings as well as the acoustic duo recordings done with Tisa Adamson. There are many multiples of songs on the various recordings, due to some being compilations, live shows, different versions, so each lyric link will reflect what is on that particular CD. To access the lyrics for Walking Toward the Sun, Snack and Orphans, you can go to my music page HERE and find the link near the bottom of each record's description. You can also click the art work or the link to the right to see about purchasing my music. Soon, I will have the lyrics ready to upload for the duo CD Snack as well as my 1st and 2nd solo recordings, 10,000 Jalama Road and Welcome Home.THANK YOU!!!

The Archived Journals page (link at the top of the journal page)is also reorganized to reflect the most recent journal through the oldest, so you can start reading them either way - latest to oldest or go to the very bottom and check out what I was doing in 2002, when I actually began to blog.

November 22, 2013

On this day in 1963, we lost a great man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. I can remember that day, however young I was, mainly because when he was in Southwest PA, for whatever reason, as President, I along with some of my family, went to my Grandmother's house to be able to see him drive by in his motorcade. And that we did! I remember getting all dressed up for the event - going to SEE the President of the United States!!!!! And of course, dressing up wasn't mandatory, and probably wasn't great since we were all trying to not get dirty in my Gram's yard on the hill up from where the highway was, but that's what we did back then. Out of respect! I do remember him looking at me and waving and smiling. And then on this day, so long ago, I was heartbroken because it felt as though I had lost a friend. Someone not just important, but important to me. And I was so, so young. How could I know all of this? But I did.

The Pres had also been in the area in 1962, speaking in McKeesport, the closest real (big) city to where I grew up. Back then it was thriving, unlike today where poverty and lack of industry has replaced the glittering shops and theaters and jobs for just about everyone. I didn't go to his speaking engagement, but it is where the first statue of JFK (to the right) was ever erected. Read more here!

I grew up passing by that park where that very statue is and still go by it now and then when visiting.

Bitter sweet memories.

November 17, 2013

Last night was catch up on movies that I DVR'd night - 1st was DARK SHADOWS which I loved, not only because I used to watch the tv show as a kid, but I love vampires and corny horror film and LOVE Alive Cooper!!!!!! So many places I laughed out loud! Fun film. And it made me want to play records all night!!! (And maybe dig up the old TV show episodes and catch up on the original Barnabas Collins!!!)

2nd feature was PHIL SPECTOR, with Al Pacino in the lead role, and wow, what a crazy movie. (Enjoyed the film and thought that pacino was pretty amazing in this) It brought back memories of when The Orchids were in the recording studio with Kim Fowley, and Phil Spector was also there working on a project (maybe The Ramones "End Of The Century" but not sure) so of course The Orchids were taken over to meet Phil. Laurie Bell and I were then instructed to SING FOR HIM. my memory isn't great about the rest of the story, or if there is even a rest of the story, but thats the time I met Phil Spector. A little guy with a huge amount of creativity. And no guns anywhere to be seen, by the way.

November 14, 2013

WOW, 3 posts in 4 days! Maybe this will be my New Year's resolution for November!!!!

With it being the slow season, I wanted to catch up on things here on the website and also at home, writing and doing my thang! One of the things on Facebook that people do on Thursdays, is post an old photo, for the Throwback Thursday weekly event, so this week I posted a pic of me getting my first guitar when I was super young.

The story is this: I was taking organ lessons at the local music store, and had been for a few years, learning music theory and working hard on learning as much as I could. The Beatles were popular then as were the Rolling Stones. I had seen the Stones on the Ed Sullivan show (as well as the Beatles - but hated all of the screaming with the Beatles because I wanted to HEAR THE MUSIC!!!!) but it wasn't until February of 66 when they were on playing Satisfaction that I decided that I wanted to BE Keith Richards. (We shared big ears and I liked how he looked playing the guitar, his swagger, etc.) That whole year I picked up and fooled around with whatever guitar I could find - neighbors, cousins, uncles, friends, etc - until I starting asking, then begging my parents for an electric guitar. (Not interested in acoustic.) I didn't want to be Bob Dylan or Joan Baez (even though I had some Dylan 45s - THANK YOU Uncle Jimmy!!!) but wanted to play electric guitar like the guys in the British bands. Parents told me maybe, but they never told me that I couldn't play an electric guitar.

In the music store, like all of them, when you walk from the front of the store to the back, they have all of their guitars for sale hanging up. I spotted a beautiful dark cherry red number with a white pick guard that was cool but also adorable. I didn't really know anything about guitars at that time, just which ones I liked the looks of!! (Such a girl!) I begged and begged and the answer was NO and MAYBE and then NO again. And then NOT YET, maybe NEXT year, etc. In the meantime, a red SOLD tag appeared on the guitar, hanging there for everyone to see. And the drama queen that I was back then ($*&^$!) I mourned every time I passed it, thinking "someone ELSE is going to own that guitar!!!!!" Oh, boo hoo!

On Christmas morning, after I opened all of my gifts, Mum and Dad looked at each other and said "WAIT! There is another gift somewhere, where did we PUT that???" And sent me on my search through the house. Behind the dining table on the floor was a giant box. Of course I had NO CLUE what this could be - maybe a car racing set (I WAS a tomboy by the way, but also loved my Barbie dolls) or ??? Dragged the box into the living room with the help of my Dad and proceeded to open it. And there it was.

My new beloved guitar.

November 13, 2013

As the clouds start to part and allow the sun to come through to finally warm up for our true last day of unseasonably (and lovely) weather, I am thinking about so many things. One is the large amount of couples who got married yesterday, so they could have a wedding date of 11-12-13. It was funny to hear about full blown weddings on a TUESDAY afternoon!!! Crazy! I guess it is a great ploy for a woman who never wants her husband to forget the date of their anniversary!!!!

Also, I am not quite ready for these shorter days. Even though I adore autumn and of course, winter, being a skier and ice skater and snow shoer and cross country skier, this past summer was just glorious. The long days make for productive days and the sunshine here in the mountains is just unlike anywhere else. (Kind of like the beach at sunrise - gorgeous!) I am having to plan some outdoor activities between the warmer hours, like 1pm - 4pm, and then I am back inside working on indoor things: house stuff, music stuff, art stuff, computer stuff, kitty stuff. I AM loving being back in the throws of the 4 seasons, unlike living in Southern California for so many years. Autumn is really my favorite season, with the cooler crisp air and the changing of the leaves, and I am truly enjoying the changes every season, every day. Soon it will be snowing and then spring will be just around the corner, and then back to summer. So quickly, so quietly!

For the rest of this month, and until my schedule becomes crazy again with the beginning of ski season and I am juggling gigs at the resorts with keeping up with my writing and recording, I plan to hunker down and try to finish some of these projects that have been in the works for way too long! I will definitely keep you posted!!!!

November 11, 2013

It's amazing how life can just get away from you and how things get left behind, lost in the madness. So sorry about not posting anything, although my Facebook page is where you can get regular gig updates if you are not on my email list. I also post old photos of my bands and other things. It is a good forum, but never will completely replace a real artist's website. Some people are part of the posting an old photo for Throwback Thursday, so I have been trying to do that as well, giving you guys some insight to who I am by revealing some of my past, even the embarrassing moments!

It is Veteran's Day and I am thinking about and thanking everyone who has fought for freedom for this country. It will be nice someday when we will have no one actually fighting a war. My friend Mike Chaney had mentioned that today, wouldn't it be amazing to thank everyone only in the past because we do not have anyone fighting for our freedom in the present, because no one is trying to take that away from us?

I can hear the fighter jets overhead right now, probably from Hill AFB.

On the music front, I have a couple of projects in the works, but nothing to really announce at the moment! One is a BAND, but not playing original material. It will be fun and really a departure from what I have been doing for years, and it will not be a replacement for what I am doing now. I have a lot of solo bookings for the winter, this year performing at 4 ski resorts as well as some restaurants, bars and clubs in this resort area. Probably 2014 will find me branching out to play more places that I either have never played before or played a long time ago, and am hoping to have new product as I have all of these new songs that I am playing live and others that I am finishing that will make for a great next recording!

On that note (!!!) I will leave you with this:
"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful."
-John Wooden

September 12, 2013

The music at the Ogden Valley Open Market has been canceled for tonight due mainly to the low amount of vendors we have as we wind down to the end of the season, mixed with our unpredictable weather. The committee has also decided that this will be the last market of the season, so come out and shop and get your veggies and a shaved ice, one of the Montgomery family's 90 second pizzas, and have some late summer fun.

9-11 was once again upon us, with everyone remembering where they were on 9-11-2001. A sad day. A year or so before this happened, I was on a family outing to Liberty Island and Ellis Island with the beautiful NYC skyline in the background. Who knew that this would so drastically change???? Here I am with my folks, standing on Ellis Island, where my Grandparents (Dad's parents) came into this country, with a background that is now so very precious to me.

I have nothing more to say.