Che Zuro's August 2012 Journal

August 2, 2012

Bathing in the full moonlight. Yes, SERIOUSLY, BATHING in the FULL MOONLIGHT. SERIOUSLY. The moon is absolutely gorgeous and I am fortunate enough to have a bathtub that is situated where I can open the window and enjoy the moonlight! It is pretty awesome, glass of wine by my side.... And alot of times that is where I get some great song ideas. No, not "Bubble Bath Girl" or "I'm So Dirty I'm Gonna Take A Bath" (you can steal those ideas, please.....) but this is where I can let my mind wander and let the worries of the world wash out as songs. It is a total luxury for me.

Meantime, back on the ranch, I HAVE been writing again, and a lot again, which is a relief because for a short while there, I thought perhaps I had lost the ability to write songs or anything for that matter. I mean, look how long it has taken me to get back to writing this journal and posting things on my Facebook Music page? (A LONG TIME for those of you who are new to the Che Zuro experience/adventure!) Most of the new songs are coming from a longing for home, whether that be your childhood home or even just getting settled in a new place, or searching for home regarding a lover. The comforts of home do not always mean HOME exactly. Comforts could be your circle of friends, your favorite place to stop for ice cream, a river or stream that centers you, things like that. In my life, I have had a lot of "homes" where I have had comfort, good friends, a good life. And that, thankfully has continued.

Last weekend I was one of the opening acts for Anna Wilson and the Crescent Super Band at the Wolf Creek Foundation's Music In The Mountains at Wolf Mountain, here in Utah.

My friend Stacey Board also was an opener, so I asked her and 2 other friends, Reba and Anne, if they would sing back up on a couple of songs at the end of my set that evening, and they said YES! The singing was glorious! I had chills up and down my spine when we first started the vocals to one of the songs, and then my hair was standing on end on my arms. Imagine that! It was beautiful. Like Angels!

We had such a great time, and then watched the rest of the concert from the ski hill,
(L-R : Me, Stacey, Reba and Anne!)

until the sun set the sky on fire....

Two weekends before, I was in Los Angeles for the SAG Conservatory Summer Session and also work at Mododoc, both really non-musical BUT artistic to say the least! On Saturday night, Tisa happened to be playing in South Pasadena and invited me to come and sing on a few tunes, all of which I knew because we co-wrote them together! It was so wonderful being on stage with Tisa and Brie again and getting to meet their band mates and getting to know everyone that I didn't know! AND being with Tisa and Brie onstage was so much fun - reminded me of our trip to Tahiti with our quickly put together all girl band, Trouble, with Liza Carbe on bass. Here is the Tisa Adamson band on stage at the Fremont Theater in South Pas.

I am trying to update this more often, even though I said that BEFORE and didn't. I am making that promise now. You can also see what I am up to even more regularly with photos and other things that people post at my Facebook Music Page. Just go to Facebook and search for CheZuroMusic! Hopefully you will find me!!!! xoxo