august 1

thanks for coming out to the gig last night. and thanks d, for the gorgeous roses! kellie ann and i LOVE it when you bring us flowers! woo hoo! we had a great time, ending my evening with a gal pal dance party! weren't there??? boo hoo for you!
i DO have a new favorite show. it's a cartoon, actually, on the comedy channel. called. "lil bush" and it is about the adventures of little george and his little friends, condi, rummy and cheney. they even have a BAND. it is hysterical!
let me know if you get a chance to watch and what you think..... :D

more stuff soon!!!

august 19

it's been a long hot august! the weather people keep saying that "tomorrow it will be considerably cooler" and then it ends up being just as hot or hotter. perhaps this week we will cool off? i hope so! even with the ocean breeze and the mountain breeze, without a.c. in southern cal can be difficult for a few weeks every summer....
the gas prices are finally coming down. never thought i would think that $2.67 is CHEAP but it's all relative to what you have been paying? a few weeks ago i was horrified to see a sign at a station that is near the l.a. art museum :

can you believe it???
upcoming shows include the mammoth reunion show in mammoth lakes, a big party that is meant for all of the locals, old and new, with music by fiddlin' pete (of bishop), soul reason, rod piazza and the mighty flyers and little old me! i am excited and can't wait to see all of my friends up there!
another festival that i will be playing again is the music in the mountains in ohiopyle, pennsylvania, in the area where the falls are. it is absolutely gorgeous there, and last years fest was great except for the storm that started halfway through my set and pushed me to stop playing (thunder and lightening and a completely soaked stage and sound system!!!!) - this year we are praying for NO rain. the rest of my pennsylvania tour dates are not in place, but there should be a few more for the local pittsburghers.... keep checking the calendar!!!
that's all for now!!!