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august 4

my trip back east was great! it was nice to escape the high heat here in southern cal, and by the time i got back, it was beautiful summer weather once again! some pics to share with you.... the stargazer lillies were in full bloom, and so beautifully scented. i guess i missed the blossoming of the regular wild tiger lillies that are all down by the river and next to the creeks, wild as ever!

the main reason i went back was for my cousin's wedding... here are lisa and adam getting married!!!

cousin gavin walking his mom, junie, down the aisle!

my cousin's sara and erin, wearing their latte colored gowns! :D

my cousin lisa and her husband, adam, have their first dance as husband and wife!

cousin lisa with her dad, cousin fred!


tara and her baby!

lisa with my mom and dad...

arleen and jamie dance the night away...

erik leads the dancing!!!

arleen REALLY gets down, down to the ground....

that's all for now. more to come.... not alot of shows this month, but there is so much going on, i can't seem to fit everything in!!! :D stay tuned for more pics and stuff! XOXO

august 6

it is beautiful in the mountains this weekend, wish you were here! ;)
the road home.......

crossing the bridge

so soothing....

wildflowers and wild grasses in the back 40!

not ALOT of shows coming up this month, but maybe enough to satisfy the locals... hopefully. september brings many more, and you can check to see where the gigs are on the calendar. i am adding stuff as they are booked, so stay tuned!!!

august 13

went to see my friend patty's kittens yesterday (which are available to be adopted out to a good family, by the way...) and had fun playing with them.... they are sooo cute. we think there are 2 boys and a girl, but sometimes that changes when you take them to the vet! :D

aren't they just too cute for words???

after playing, all three went into their bed and laid all over each other. hard to tell that there are three, huh???

i don't think there is anything more adorable than tickling a kitten!!!!

hope to see all of your regulars at uni bar and grill tuesday night, a new night there for me! and a late one, 10:45 pm show!!!!!

august 21

the weekends gigs were wonderful!!! zephyr was great and so close to home!!! dave came by and took some fun pics, so i am posting them here! thanks dave!

we played on the converted porch of this craftsman house.... very pretty, very cool!

nanci, allie and dave came by to hang out, grab something to eat, and listen to the music! (thanks!)

interesting pic of me...

an interesting picture of tisa!!!

it was a lovely gig for us...

sunday in tehachapi was also really great. the weather is always amazing when we go there to play their mountain festival! saw alot of old pals and played a great set! thanks for asking us back tehachapi!!! we love you!

that's it for today....xoxo