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 august 1

sorry but the gig on saturday at the laurel plaza farmer's market has been cancelled! we'll see you on wednesday at brennans! thanks!!!!

 august 8

hope you guys can make it to the "band" show tonight in orange county! we will definitely have our percussionist harry, and might have mark on keys and morgan on mandolin!!! and dont forget that the rib joint has, yes, GREAT RIBS!!!!!!

 august 9

pics from the gig at the rib joint last night! (THANX FRANK!!!) here we are, tisa and che, starting the night.....

the che zuro acoustic duo plus jams!!! l - r: tisa, morgan, che, mark, harry!

markie d AKA "markie che zuro"!

harry s AKA "harry che zuro"!

morgan b AKA "morgan che zuro"!


thanks to everyone who came down to see us!!!!! xo

 august 21

sorry for the major delay in uploading these, i kept forgetting! here are some pics from last weekends mini tour to central (ish) california... starting with a stop at dewars in bakersfield for some ice cream and a few peanut butter chews...


next morning we were off to tehachapi to play at their annual mountain festival! here we are on stage...

our merch crew charlie and sue! (thanks!!!)

more of che and tisa (thats me on the right!) (as if you didnt know...)

leaving tehachapi....

 august 22

HAD to share this awesome sunset with you!!!

hope to see you at borders tonight or... in santa barbara, san luis obispo or morro bay this weekend!!!!

 august 25

we had a great time in santa barbara, san luis obispo and morro bay! thanks to bruce goldish for having us share his cold spring tavern gig, it was FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! next day, tisa and i got to kick around avila beach and port san luis... here are some scenic pics for you!

we then kicked around morro bay before playing our gig there at 2 dogs coffee... saw a boat with birds and seals following it like it was the food boat, pretty funny. it was sooooo beautiful up there!!!!

will post more pics soon!!! also, just booked labor day at newcombs ranch in the angeles national forest! so, if you have nothing to do that afternoon, come up and hang!!!!!

 august 30

wow, i can't believe that all of these beaches are closed around here due to SHARKS! actually where tisa and i were hanging out last weekend is closed again (near avila beach).... eeek!
hope you all have an awesome labor day weekend without much labor! :D