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  August 24, Costa Mesa, California

Marathon gigging again...
Here we are at the Camp!

Spinning yellow heads.... our audience! ;D

Tisa FINALLY, after many requests, puts her shoes back on...

Jody, Jody, Jody.... what have we done to you???

  August 23, South Pasadena, California (HOME)

Home, sweet home...

  August 21, South Pasadena, California (HOME)

Can't believe that the tour is over!
We are back and taking a short couple of days break before performing in Costa Mesa on Saturday.
Our schedule will be a light one for the next month, just so you know, so we can rest from that busy tour schedule!!!
Leaving Utah...

Such a beautiful drive...

Thelma, in Utah, at a view area...

The sun's rays were just beautiful all day...

Louise, checking out the terrain!

What planet are we on???

The road back home...

  August 19 Green River, Utah

Later... Couldn't upload anything this morning so I am trying to do it now, and will add a few lines and pics from todays adventures...
We left North Platte and got to beautiful Colorado...

Funny trying to take pics while driving...eeek!
Went through a storm, right over the Rockies!

leaving Glenwood Springs...

through western Colorado...

We did a fun radio interview with a few tunes at KAFM in Grand Junction with Papa Dave! We also got to meet Jerry, the music director, who has been playing our CD for the past few months! I forgot to take the dig cam into the station with me, AGAIN.... but this shot is leaving Grand Junction!

Thelma and Louise, end of the tour...

...except we will NOT be driving over that cliff!

  August 19 North Platte, Nebraska

What a tour...
Tisa and I stopped at an old cemetery in the corn fields en route to the festival yesterday!

Another beautiful farm...

We got to the festival in time to catch Brian Joens!

We went on next.

Here I am with Harpua, a Siberian Husky belonging to one of the members of the cool band, Poppleton!

He was just sooooo cute!

More festival fun!

A pic of one of the interesting and unusual barns in the area, built by the Danish people, I believe.

We're off to Colorado now for another radio show!!!

  August 18 Des Moines, Iowa

Here we are in Des Moines, after awesome weekend gigs in both Duluth, Minnesota and here...
Java Joes was just GREAT, and we packed the joint!
Everyone was soooo nice and we felt so welcome in D.M.!!!
We have really enjoyed driving through the midwest, seeing the corn fields and meeting new people!
Duluth was fun!
Bernie Larsen happened to be in town, here producing another CD for Erik Koskinen, so he sat in with us on Friday night at Fitger's Brewhouse!!!
Afterwards we watched a huge thunderstorm rattle thorugh the town!
Duluth after a storm!
This is Lake Superior....

On the way to Des Moines, we went fishing, and I caught a HUGE trout! Here I am trying to hold it up for the camera... Unfortunately, we couldnt fit it in the car to bring it to our next stop for a nice fish fry!

  August 16 Duluth, Minnesota

We have been BUSY!!!
Driving driving....
Our favorite stop!


Through fields of corn...

Still more corn...

Farmhouses.... Nebraska through Iowa to Minnesota.

Entering Minneapolis...

Here we are at the gig...

We are sooo happy to be in Duluth!

Tisa made me post this one of Duluth,
coz she took the pic!!!

After doing a live radio show on KUMD with John Ziegler
which was SO MUCH FUN
we went walking around Duluth...

Down by the waterfront

Now we are getting ready for the gig!!!

  August 13 Laramie, Wyoming

This is my first chance to catch up and update you on the tour!
Here we are in Reno! And thanks to Greg for taking the pics!!!

Next day we went to Salt Lake City!!!
The Great Salt Lake...

We appeared on KRCL 90.9 in the afternoon, on Sabra's show,
Monday Drive Time!

Here's Sabra...

Today we drove from Salt Lake to Laramie!!!

Che actually lets Tisa drive....

More to come!!!

  August 11 early a.m., The Eastern Sierra, California

En route to Bishop...

It was so hot, we drove naked! (Not really, it just looks that way!)

The other side of the highway!

  August 10, The Eastern Sierra, California

The tour has begun!!!
Here we are driving through the Sierras!

With Tisa advancing the "dates!"

Thelma and Louise after the first out of town gig!

Stay tuned for more, as today we have an in-store in Mammoth and a gig later in Bishop!
Tomorrow we are off to Reno!
Woo hoo!!!

  August 8, Los Angeles

Getting ready to leave!
Thanks to all of you who came to see us at Mitch's, Canter's, and Brennans, and also friends who came to see me at Joe Ongie's COOL songwriters roundabout in Santa Ana!
We are pumped for the tour, and can't wait to get outta dodge, although we will miss YOU! ;D
Keep close watch on this page for all tour updates, pics and other stuff (not sure what, yet, but stuff....!)!

  August 1, Los Angeles

It's almost time for the SOAK UP THE MIDWEST tour! Also known as Thelma and Louise's Big Adventure!!! The clock is ticking... We are kicking off the tour on Wednesday August 7th at Brennan's Irish Pub in the Marina and leave L.A. two days later for the midwest! Check out the schedule for all of the updated info!

And PLEASE send your friends and family to our shows and ask them to listen to us on the radio as well!!!! Thanks! Once again, there WILL be a tour diary which will be MUCH more interesting thanks to having the little pony along....