Che Zuro's April/May 2012 Journal

May 27, 2012

Today is the second day of the big air show down at Hill AFB on the worst weekend we have had since winter! It is too bad that they have had to cancel some things and also delay Warriors Across the Wasatch, since we have not had a show for a few years now.... I was thinking about when I was little and going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the summers for family vacations, and one time got to meet the Thunderbirds at the motel where we stayed (The Thunderbird Motel!!!)! It was exciting. My parents and their friends (these vacations were always with 10 families or so, most had no children or 1 or 2 at the most, so it was mostly adults at that time!) invited the 4 Thunderbirds to have cocktails with them on the rooftop, which they agreed to, and I was fortunate enough to not only meet them and get my photo taken with them, but also develop a huge crush on one of them, whose name was Doyle! Here I am with Jackie Rudd and the awesome T birds from back in the day!!!

It is a great memory, and of course with the photograph, it brings me right back to that moment!!!!

Fast forward a million years (well, ALMOST a million) to yesterday when I drove to Layton only to find out that my gig there was cancelled due to the cold weather on the patio and the basketball game in the sports bar.... As I was getting ready to leave, 2 of the present day Thunderbirds walked into the place, greeted like rock stars!!!! I HAD to go and say hello!!! Michael and Joshua were sooo nice to everyone there! Pretty great!

What a great way to pay tribute to those who are helping to keep us free as well as memorialize those who have lost their lives keeping us free. This is what Memorial Day is all about. Please stay safe and free this weekend!!!

May 22, 2012

Finally getting to post about that eclipse! A lot of you did not get to view it either due to the sun setting too quickly before it started (east coasters/northeners) or you did not have the view glasses or the 2nd grade contraptions that you can make in advance to view it. I sat outside for the duration, just watching the sunlight get diffused as the moon started to cover the sun, and watched the colors of the grasses in the back pastures turn from regular green to an eerie iridescent yellow-ish green. It was pretty amazing to say the least! We didn't get the full eclipse up here in Northern Utah, but in the south of the state, they were fortunate enough to see the ring around the shadow that was perfectly centered. Of course, all of these photos were online!!!!

This is how I got to see the eclipse: by cutting a tiny hole in a card and then holding that to the sun and watching the shadow on another card and moving it to make it big enough to see without blurring the image! Pretty cool - felt like a 2nd grader doing an experiment!!!!

And the lighting was so odd.... It was tough to capture what was really there with a little digital camera, but this is the best I could do!

My kitty girl, Bisou, hopped up onto a fence post almost in the way of the eclipse while it was happening, and looked like a silhouette, so I snapped a few pics of her. This one is my favorite one....

What an evening!!! Fun and exciting and it got everyone talking - in the neighborhood, the next day at the post office, on Facebook, in emails. Where did you watch and what did you see????

May 13, 2012 Mother's Day

to my Mum and my Aunts and Cousins who are Mothers
and to all of my friends who are Moms whether it's to kids or pets! I have always considered myself my little kitties' Mom and hope I don't turn into an old cat lady someday with 50 cats. Hmmm....

I have an awesome Mom (and I know some of you will agree) and even though she is my friend, too, she will always be my life guide. She has been everything and more that I could ever ask for. (Grab your tissues!) She is beautiful and knowledgeable and fun and kind and generous and I know I am making you all sick, but she is an amazing woman and I am blessed to still have her, although thousands of miles away!

Here we are at my cousin Sara's wedding in October:

I have been thinking of my Grandmothers alot this month, too, and wishing that they both could have lived longer so they could answer more questions about life in general. I am of mixed heritage, 2nd generation American on my Dad's side of the family, and full on pioneer American on my Mother's side. My paternal Grandmother came over on a ship in steerage (3rd class) from what was then Austria Hungary, embarking from Bremen, Germany. Her parents had only 2 living children, both daughters, and they decided at the turn of the century, 1905 to be exact, that they would send their eldest daughter to the new world to make a better life! She was 13 years old at the time, lied and said she was 16, and then got stuck at Ellis Island for a week in their jail like barracks because her relatives were not there to pick her up. While being held, the paperwork gives her age as 11, but that is crossed out and looked like they put 16 in there. She must have talked them into believing that she was older than she looked!

It's tough to think about traveling alone or even with people you may be acquainted with but not really KNOW, to a country whose language you haven't even begun to learn and with very few skills to be able to survive. It is also tough to think about, as a Mother, to let your young child go and not know if they will be able to make it on their own and also whether you would ever be able to see them again! (She brought her parents over to America when she was married with a young family, but they did travel back to their homeland and did not stay in America.) She lived to be 96, had 14 children, 12 of which lived full adult lives with families, owned a coal mine, worked hard, but seldom talked about "the old country."

My materal Grandmother was a whole different story! Her Father was a Scot-Irish (for those of you that do not know, they are NOT Irish, but Northern Ireland people who came from Scotland and settled there. His Father was a Hamilton, born in County Down and his Mother was a Campbell, born in the area of Scotland where all of the Campbells are from.) who came to American with his family when he was about 13 years old. Her Mother came from a maternal line stemming from Germans that arrived in the 1700s as well as some Brits who (supposedly) fought as Loyalists in the Revolution. My Mother grew up in the house that her Mother and Grandmother were both born and raised in!

Memaw (or Grandma Mouse as my cousin Wendy used to call her) was married in her late teens but her husband died shortly after their son was born, and she moved back to her family home to help take care of her Father and brothers, and they helped with watching her baby son. My Grandmother lost her Mother at the age of 13, which made her grow up much quicker than she had hoped. She was known to "know things" when she would get a feeling that she had to go visit so and so and when she got there, so and so had fallen down a flight of stairs or had just become ill. She played the music for the silent films that were shown in the next town. She used to be seen riding on the back of one of her brother's motorcycles, wild child, hair flying in the wind.... She knew all of her relatives, down to 3rd and 4th cousins, and was really good at keeping in touch with everyone, through letters and then calls, including cousins in Scotland. She was well known and well loved.

We all have our stories about our Mothers or Grandmothers. What is yours?

Post anything you'd like on my Facebook page!

May 4, 2012

42 years ago something happened that shocked the Nation. The Kent State Massacre. May 4th, 1970. Lately, I have added some cover tunes to my repertoire and even though I don't have have the option to sing all of the harmonies involved, worked up "Ohio" by Neil Young. Besides LOVING that song and enjoying playing and singing it, it also invokes something inside me because of what it is all about. Of course, it takes me right back to where I was (even though I was a child) and the horror that something like this could happen on a beautiful college campus that was close to where I lived. If you are too young to remember what happened, please go and check out the Kent May 4 Center, a non-profit eductaional charity organization. This event began as a simple protest against the Vietnam war, which so many people were against back in those days, feeling like our country just should not be there, and then escalated into this tragedy that will live in our hearts and minds forever. (Those who remember.)

From their website: On May 4, 1970 the Ohio National Guard opened fire into a busy college campus during a school day.
A total of 67 shots were fired in 13 seconds.
Four students: Allison Krause, Jeffrey Miller, William Schroeder, and Sandra Scheuer were killed.
Nine students were wounded.

Did you know that Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders was a student there and attending classes that day, but not a part of the protest? Just a little trivia tidbit for you!

On a lighter note, I am feeling some deja vu from playing last night at Lumpy's... The gig was 10pm - 1am, a late night for an acoustic solo performer, but it was alot of fun!!!!! After finishing my beer, packing up my gear and driving all of the way home from downtown Salt Lake City, it was the wee hours of the morning!!! Just like my old band days.... Getting home very late and not being able to get to sleep right away because your music is echoing through your head for awhile... Thinking about playing late gigs with Backstage Pass, The Orchids, Population 5, Trinity Street, and more, and some of that time living in a place where I had no parking spot, having to unload my gear by double parking at 3am, and then finding a spot to park a few blocks away, hoping that there wasn't some crazy person looking to rob or kill a rocker chick while walking home.... Ah, memories!!!

April 30, 2012

WOW, the last day of April!!! Hope you had a great month. I did! The crazy weather allowed us to have fresh snow as well as some summer weather, but now it looks like spring is here and maybe it will stay that way for awhile???

Yesterday I was watching or listening to something and heard "All I Have To Do" (is dream, dream, dream...) and it just took me back to when Brady Harris and I would play gigs together, the last couple of shows at Brennan's Irish Pub with Jeff Cleveland and his band Cowspace. Brady had worked up a beautiful version of this song and invited Jeff and I to sing the harmonies on it, and wow, it just sounded so great (if I must say so, myself....)!!!! I MISS singing with people, spur of the moment! Anyway, now when I hear that song, I immediately think of Brady and Jeff and Brennan's and wish I could beam back there on a Wednesday night for a return engagement...

There MUST be a song (or many!!!) that just transports you back to a specific time and place with a specific person... It can be hard to listen to too many "oldies" at one time and having all of those memories haunting you!!! Some of the remembrances will be good and some will be bad, but it's all the same: that SONG takes you right back there like it was yesterday!!!!

What song have you heard lately did that to you, and what was the situation it took you back to?

April 25, 2012

Today, 63 years ago, my parents met at the Moose in Sutersville! (NO, I am not making this up for some kind of hometown novel....) I thought about being together with someone for that long, WOW! When the newspaper posts anniversaries of 60,70,75 years, it is just unbelievable! My folks waited a couple of years before they got married because my Mom wanted to be an adult (21) when she walked down the aisle, and they were also the first mixed religious couple that was actually married at the alter at my Mom's church, which was a big deal back then! How times have changed!!!! Happy "meeting your life partner" to my folks today!

It's been "summer" here for the past week or so, and has been amazing. But a cold front is coming in. You can feel it today even though it is in the high 60s it just feels so much cooler. The sun is also hiding from us today. In Pennsylvania, they were having summer weather until the weekend and then it snowed again! I heard that they were playing golf at Seven Springs one weekend and the next they were skiing! Do you think that this is truly Global Warming or are we just having a crazy year of weather across the country and the world??? Let me know what you think on my FB page! Me, well, I have no clue! A few years ago we had the most snow (almost) ever here in Northern Utah. Folks roofs were caving in and the snow removal people were backed up with all of the work they had. And then this year, there was barely enough for the resorts to stay open as long as usual!!!! I remember HUGE snowstorms as a kid where we would have a bunch of snow days off from school and the neighbor kids would all build snowmen and igloos and have fun outside all day. And then it didnt happen for years. No snow days, or just one or two in a year. Years later, the snow storms came back.

In California I remember having a string of years of major storms and lots of flooding and mud slides. The rain would come down so hard that you couldn't drive on the freeways and alot of the major intersections in downtown Los Angeles and all of the smaller cities around there would be completely flooded - you couldn't even drive your car through those streets! Then we would have a string of drought years!!! Hardly any rain, brown fields as early as January, major fires all around the area due to the lack of precipitation, water restrictions, etc.... Maybe it's just the same as it has always been???? What are your thoughts?

April 22, 2012

Good news, bad news.....

"WHAT?" you say.... YES, bad news first... My beloved Pens lost the 6th playoff game today to the on-fire Flyers. (If you are not into hockey or just do not have the sports gene, please scroll down to the next paragraph, which is probably better, because it is GOOD news!) I was late in making my cookies for game day, but they were done by the end of the 1st period, so the Pens SHOULD have won!!! I even cut little pieces of black licorice to look like pucks to put on the cookie dish and make it more festive with our Pittsburgh colored cookies (yellow frosting..). (I actually did cookies for game #5 that had white, yellow AND black frosting.... just not enough time this game...) So, it is not my fault that they lost for those jinx people out there!!! And there is always NEXT year. Plus, football season is just around the corner. I can retire my Pens attire for awhile and impatiently wait to get out my Steelers gear, especially my terrible towel....

Good news!!!! My cousin and his wife had a beautiful baby girl this morning, named her Quinn, and she is just beautiful! We are excited. The family tree is still growing and hopefully with more and more branches and leaves and less NUTS!

Aunt B and Uncle F, your first great grandchild has arrived!!!!! XOXO

And we are having summer weather here in the mountains of northern Utah... It was about 80 today and it is still around 60, really warm for this time of the year! (Actually unheard of!!!!!) Of course, everyone is really enjoying. The lawn mowers are out, neighbors in shorts and skimpy t's are abound, kids on bikes, it is quite wonderful. Of course, though, we COULD get snow in May, so neighbors, ENJOY!!! The weather across the states has been really odd this year. I think a snow storm was getting ready to hit SW PA tonight, where I am from! Cover your flowers!!!!!

That's all for now. Need to go and watch Game of Thrones..... LOVE that show! How about you???

April 19, 2012

As you can see, I am following ALL of your suggestions about whether to post the next post above or below the old post! I just wanted to make sure that this would be easy for all of your to read!!! Just so you know, I got many posts on Facebook as well as A LOT of emails replying to the email I sent to my music email list earlier today! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I really appreciate that you are listening (reading, actually) and responding with your opinions. Let's keep this up!!!!

At the beginning of this year, when I was thinking about what I wanted to read next (you know, it WAS winter time and it is always nice to curl up with your blankies and kitties and read!!!!), my friend Mardell and I were talking about some good books that also had TV shows connected to them. Upon mentioning the TV show True Blood

and that it was written based (loosely) upon the Sookie Stackhouse novels, Mardell said "They are GREAT books!!!!" I was sold. Went to the library and got the first book, started it right away in January and finished the 11th book just last week!!!!
Went from Dead Until Dark to Dead Reckoning

and either read the book or listened to the audio book in the car or while cleaning or whenever..... I highly recommend these books if you like vampires and if you like the TV series, they are really different than that! When you finish book #1 you will see just HOW different the series is..... They were fun to read and now I have to get some of Charlaine Harris's other novels to read!!!!

What's on your bedside table (BOOK, SILLY!!! not CAT or ALARM CLOCK!!!!) right now? What are you reading now or just finished or maybe, what is sitting on your bedside table just waiting for you to start it????

April 18, 2012

Finally, I am getting around to putting a new journal online! It has been such a long time since the last one, October 2007, and since then I have meant to get back into gear and start posting some things, but life just took me away from working on it! I HAVE, as you may have noticed when you clicked the "journal" link, that I have uploaded all of the old journals that I still had on my hard drive, from August 2002 through and including October 2007, so there is alot to look at if you are a newbie to my website and quite a bit to reminisce if you have known me and my music for years! Even Tisa, my friend, writing partner and ex-duo member has called me to comment on these crazy, old pictures!!!! So, have fun with the old ones, and keep checking the new one, since I plan to update regularly about music stuff as well as non-music stuff. If you have any suggestions, please post on my  Facebook Page and I will comment on all of your comments!

My first question for you is about the journal! Do you prefer all of the new entries to be added to the top of the page or in order, so that you have to scroll down from the last entry to read the new one? Please post on my Facebook page or message me on Facebook what your thoughts are about this. I noticed that in some of the archived journals, when you start reading the journal, it is completely in order, yet others, I must have added the new entry on top. I am still not sure which way I like it the best! Thanks so much for your help!

I will check out all of your answers - PLEASE ANSWER!!!!! - and then figure out the best way, according to you guys, how to format the journal for easy reading!!!!

I was planning to do a separate blog about people, places and things, but then I realized that I would be overlapping... For instance, the books I am reading. I want you guys to know what I am reading and maybe ask questions about what you are reading, any suggestions, etc. So, this journal is going to be all-inclusive, not just about my gigs and music going-ons. It will be about the things that I see out in the world, what I am doing even if it has nothing to do with music, feelings that I have about stuff....

That's it for right now! I will be back soon! PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION on Facebook - do you want the new post to be above the last post OR do you want it below so that you can read top to bottom in order!!!???!!! And, THANK YOU! XOXO