april 13

friday the 13th and so far everything is going my way! i have no excuses about not updating this journal but would like to say that i hope that i will write more often and let you know what's up!
there are things in the news that i could totally speak about but then i would be guilty of the same things we blame the media on, so i will omit MHO on alot of things that i could be really vocal about.
wednesday night at universal bar and grill was a GREAT time - perry from kelly's lot celebrated his #&th birthday (tee hee) and it was "perry's lot" all night with different lot members and guests playing great tunes all night long! even i got up and sang/played a few cover tunes and it was awesome to have a band backing me up! WOW!!!! here is the birthday boy...

perry, kelly and scott...

me with the band! that's linda moss on harmonica!

kelly and the band again.... they were just JAMMING!!!!

brian and me....


ed on spoons!!! :D

so, that's all the news for right now. i will definitely check in next week if not earlier! XOXO

april 18

i lost my uncle over the weekend. he was in a fatal car accident and didnt make it. i am very sad this week. he was alot of fun, joking around all of the time. he even came to see me play when i toured in his area, brought his buddies along... our family was very musical, and he really loved the doowop music which i learned to love through him, with all of the harmonies... he will be sorely missed, especially by his kids and his only grandkid, luke. here is a pic of my uncle herbie helping me blow out the candles on my 10th birthday...

call your loved ones and tell them how much you care about them,
and kiss them at every chance. xoxo

april 22

happy birthday patte! happy birthday m.j.!

it is also earth day

are you doing your part?
everyone can do a little bit, just by picking up trash that may not be yours, but might be in your way as you are walking down the street, through the woods, on the beach. we can also continue to recycle ALOT! i personally recycle all newspapers, juice/pop containers, cans, milk jugs, glass, anything metal, all colored plastic, aerosol cans and alot of miscellaneous after products from household use. here in l.a. there is an awesome recycling center downtown, which i go to with a whole car filled with the above items. they take newspapers, cans, glass, plastic (including milk jogs) which you can get paid for, and they also take the colored plastic, cans, and other stuff that normal recycling centers say no to (which we usually then just throw into our regular trash)... also, there is an e-recycling center downtown, a little more east on washington, which takes old tv sets, computer stuff, batteries, paint and old household cleansers etc, and you dont even have to get out of the car!!!! i try to make sure and visit these centers with a car load, keeping all of the recyclables in a designated area in my garage, and then when the stuff starts to get overwhelming, it goes in one load. pretty cool.... i feel like i am trying to do my part.
and how about this??? egg shells, coffee grinds, banana peels in the garden where they do wonders for your plants and flowers and soil. my next big project is to buy some earth worms and start a mulch pile with all of my kitchen discards like potato peels, ends of carrots, leftover food that ends up in the garbage, usually. then you can use this in your garden. pretty wonderful things out there to help the earth!!!
and how about this??? go to the website idealbite.com and check out all sorts of ways to live a green life....


april 24

happy birthday sara!!!