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april 1

i am quitting the music business, moving to siberia, going to live in a tent for the rest of my life, will whittle wood for a living, and....

APRIL FOOLS! tee hee....
nah, i will be here doing the same old! ha!

april 2

the butterflies are migrating from mexico and the skies are filled with them, the weather is almost like summer, and i went skiing this morning, locally, up at kratka ridge. had to skin up, but the views were breathtaking and the snow was amazing.....the start of the ascent:

at the top of kratka ridge!!!!

coming down "christmas bowl" which i haven't done in YEARS because the resort has been closed (and still is...)

excited at the bottom!

here you can kind of see my tracks in the background! woo hoo!!!!

on a sad note, pope john paul II has died. he was such an amazing man with many accomplishments... my parents were fortunate enough to have had an audience with him. here is my mum...

and my dad...

april 10

i am in mammoth again, and the weather is amazing. the drive up included visions of new wildflowers - the spanish broom is blooming everywhere as are some wonderful purple blossoms here and there. the ground near mojave is still bright yellow but alot of the oranges and yellows on the mountains and hills are gone... i did see a full rainbow near ridgecrest on my way up and had to get a few shots of it - but it was too big to get the whole thing in one frame!!!!

the other side of the rainbow!

skied ALOT on saturday morning, in more fresh pow!!! at one point there was no one around - it felt like i had the whole mountain to myself! which way to go???? DOWN!!!!

goofy me and a view of my fat boy skis!

dragon's back and chair 9, one of my faves at mammoth!!!

sean wiggins is playing up here this weekend too, so there is lots to do and lots of people to hang with!!!

april 11

sunday in mammoth was alot of fun... went over to little eagle to see sean wiggins (dot com) play and also got to meet sean and rachel's baby.... :D

i forget her name, but she is a papillon and weighs about 2 lbs and is simply adorable!!! mind you, this duffle bag is SMALL.... watched sean and paul play, and they sounded great!!!

then sean works the crowd in between songs! :D

"we're with the band!"

the geek and her new boots... do you think i like ORANGE????? (what's up with those HANDS???) (oh, and THANK YOU, BRIAN!)

then i headed back down south....the owens lake which is actually turning back into a lake after many years of the DWP taking the water for los angeles....

it was alot of fun, and the best thing is SKI SEASON IS NOT OVER!!!! woo hoo!!!!!

april 12

its the opening home game for the dodgers today and the stealth bomber flew right over my house - ran and got the camera for some pics for you to see... this is when the stealth was checking out where to exactly go, banking in the east...

i was screaming, it got so close! (its a little hazy today, unfortunately for photos....)

then it flew over the house and over my garage...

and then en route directly to the stadium!

go dodgers!

april 14

last night we had a great time at fitzgeralds and 2 of our official photographers were there to capture those special moment, tee hee!!! here are a few shots thanks to dennis....

and a few from jeff!

tisa took a great pic of jeff and me, like the sepia tone???? (and you can also see tisa in the reflection in the mirror in the back on the right hand side, stoney, huh???)

april 20

tisa and i just got this pic of our friend kirsten in the mail today - we searched for a guitar that was like my "big red" and found a smaller one just like it, so kirsten has named it "little red!!!" she plays every day!!!! hope to see you soon kirsten!

april 23

borders in valencia was FUN FUN FUN last night!!! we were happy to go back to one of our favorite borders!!! and dennis brought us roses and then took some fun pics of us there....

this is from upstairs, where people were also watching us!

today we are hoping to play at pitfire pizza, but i have to say, the rain is IMPENDING, so we shall see. the game plan is going there and playing it by ear.... so if you are coming out and we arent there, it is because it started to rain, OK? talk soon! xo