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is it REALLY the "fool's day?" hmmm... i wonder and maybe beg to differ. especially with the beautiful temps we have been having, plenty of rain (not too much), plenty of sun (not too little), plenty of flowers blooming... and fools a dancin all around! ??? well, i guess i can feel a little foolish doing that stuff... so OK, happy april fool's day!!! ;D


pony girl's birthday!!! here she is doing her favorite thing...

be sure to tell her happy birthday the next time you see her, OR email her a message c/o me at che@checheche.com!!!


i got one of the pics back from our florida tour, and it's of tisa and me with our big fan steviesteve! my camera died right after we took this pic, so that was it for the tampa show, but he came all the way to ybor city from st. petersburg to see us! a nice surprise!!!

hopefully i will have more pics soon!


you can now hear "pack of lies" and "everybody's changing" on Radio Free Pittsburgh! other burgh artists include the granati brothers, wil e tri featuring danny stag from our band population 5 on guitar, and b.e. taylor! check it out!!!!


hope you filed your taxes!!!! here is a little relief from the stress of it all, pics from easter sunday at mammoth mountain!!! here is the dragon that was built for the 7-8 year olds - see the eggs all over the place?

the kids waiting for the egg hunt to begin!!!

the easter bunny and wooly at a "meet and greet!"

how exciting to find some eggs!!!!!

bunny and bunny... :D

clowning around!!!

and here i am with some of my palz!!!!

tomorrow night tisa and i will be performing all of our hits at 7pm in alhambra, so come on down and hang! you may have to bring some hot chocolate or a toddy because it MIGHT be cold outside!!! and that's where we are playing! more pics soon!!!


i keep forgetting to write!!! eeek! and now that i have lost my voice....right after the cold spring tavern gig... i have nothing to do but write! and of course, once again, i totally forgot to take pics at our gigs, and the cold spring gig would have been the perfect place to do it - it was GORGEOUS there! we got there in time to take in a little bit of sean wiggins fab music, and then shared the evening with the most amazing bruce goldish - you can check out his new cd on his website www.brucegoldish.com!!! and thanks to bruce, we have ONE pic from the evening....

talk later I HOPE!!!! tee hee!


anyone who has called me and hasnt received a call back, i do apologize - I STILL HAVE NO VOICE!!! (and its driving me crazy!) so, just as soon as i can speak without the other person saying "huh?", i will call you back, ok??? and yunz in l.a., STAY COOL!!! we are having record breaking temps here - its HOT HOT HOT!!!!! whew...