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april 1

what am i thinking of.... chocolate? well, yeah..... what do you think i am thinking of? i am no april FOOL!!!!!!!

april 11

sorry sorry sorry i haven't kept my part of the bargain and give you something here daily.... so sorry.... hope you guys had a great time at the derby club on tuesday - coz i did! pretty awesome talent there and alot of fun in the audience as well! you MUST check out the next femmuse happening!

and THANX for letting me know that some of my links are not working on the website! please keep up the good detective work.... and i promise to fix as quickly as i can. i THINK the photos page is now working like it should.... hopefully. i will be working on alot of the other links and stuff soon soon soon!!!!

hope to see some of your shining faces tomorrow at cold spring tavern, rain or shine!!! this place is VERY cool.... an old stagecoach stop from the 1800's... gotta see it to believe it.

bless our troops!

april 20

happy easter!!!

sorry i have been so quiet!!! it's been a busy month and also i just figured out how to download the pics from my new camera, so i promise that you will see more and more!!!
a little later i am going up to mammoth mountain to be a strolling musician during the annual easter egg hunt at main lodge. the weather is beautiful, sunny and a bit chilly, but will probably warm up by lunchtime like it did yesterday! i am looking forward to seeing all of the happy faces today! i will try and take pics today!!!!
here's nanci and me and frank at the mountain a few weeks ago!

and me...

en route back to l.a., going over the local mountains with our fair city in the mist (or smog, however you want to look at it!!!)

have a beautiful holiday!!!

here are pics from todays easter egg hunt at mammoth mountain!!!
the drum circle...

the petting zoo...

cassidy with the softest bunny in the world!

the easter pony!

the easter bunny and wooly the mamm, um bun, um, bunnoth??? hang out with some palz!

time to grab the eggs!!!

there's ME with some other party animals!!!!

painting faces!

me and wooly - our annual photo op!

drummers at the end of the day....

more to come!!!!

april 28

so, it's been forever since i have written anything, but it's because i have been a busy little bee with booking some tours as well as working on updating the website. soon you will see where i will be going solo and also where tisa and i will be doing our SOAK UP THE SUMMER 2003 TOUR in late june and early july. it's going to be a hoot. we have alot of towns that we are going to hit, and will be performing our butts off, so look out!!!!

the mailing list will also have some changes. if you happen to be on the list now, look out for the initial email regarding the changes. anyone else who wants to be on the mailing list, hold tight, and the link to the correct page on my website will soon be working so you can sign up right here!!!!

"orphans" my new cd will sooooon be available. we are finishing up the artwork and then it gets sent to the manufacturer and voila, it magically appears!!! it will be available at cdbaby.com (where you should go for all of your serious listening needs) as well as at all of the live shows. it WILL have some of the tunes that you guys have been begging for on CD, although nothing new that you have been hearing and craving from the acoustic duo. so sorry!!!!

"orphans" will have "no turning back" from the critters movie that i continue to get emails about, so you can finally own a copy of it! it will also have a few outtakes from "welcome home" that didnt quite fit the record, as well as another version of "grey" which was recorded with sue willett and robin pearl, fellow indie artists whom i met through the indiegrrl organization. the cd will also have some awful photos of me in my different incarnations, so beware. i should put a skull and crossbones on the cd cover just for the pics.... ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

enjoy the spring and i will check in soon!