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August 16

Farewell Queen of Soul!

And thank you for all of your inspiration. What an incredible musician, writer and singer. THANK YOU

August 15

I LOVE summer!
Living in Los Angeles for such a long time, I got used to the warm weather and would look forward to those almost autumn like days when the temperature would be in the 50s, not often. Moving to Northern Utah, in the mountains, has brought me pretty much full circle
(except for the lack of humidity - yay - and the lack of lightening bugs - boo)
with being able to anticipate each season as well as made the most of every day in each season. Even though it is still very hot here and we are having an unusually dry and hot summer, with warm balmy nights, also rare, I can see the end of the summer on the horizon. Fortunately I am still taking advantage of some fun things that summer has to offer like night golf! With glow in the dark balls and sticks, a 7 iron and a putter, it is so much fun to (illegally) go out for a quick 9 holes with some friends. So much fun, especially when the warm night reminds you of back home, rather than a normal summer night in the mountains! Chris, me and Don by the light of the glow stick! Hehe.

The mail has been wonderful too, lately, with receiving some fun new guitar pedals to play with and other things. I subscribed to a company that sends out a makeup bag with 5 items each month, thanks to my sweet friend Debi, and have really been loving it. Even if the color or texture of something is not quite what I like, I have found many of the samples in my cute Ipsy bag stuff that I adore and will buy again. For instance I received in my July bag, a Mac LipGlass sample whose shade looks amazing on me over bare lips or even with a darker lip pencil or lipstick underneath. I had to go to the MAC store in L.A. when I was there shortly after receiving the July Ipsy bag, to get a full size tube of LipGlass. This month I got face moisturizer that is fantastic, a beautiful "Blue Jean" shade of OFRA eye shadow (probably one of my favorite companies introduced to me by Ipsy), a pretty Trust Fund Beauty lip gloss color (that looks super dark but is much lighter when applied), a Mac mascara that I actually have received before and loved and will love having it as my new travel mascara for my next trip, and a facial peel off mask that I plan to try tonight or tomorrow.

Once I try everything, I go to the site and do a review, receive points, then can use my points to redeem something awesome! All of this stuff comes in a cute makeup bag that one can use for more than just makeup; sewing supplies, guitar picks and strings and tools, paper clips and safety pins and office supplies and more. If you are interested, then go here - JOIN IPSY! - you can join as a month to month, where they charge your credit card on the 1st of the month, or pay for a year in advance. Don't forget though, if you want to unsubscribe to this, you MUST do it WELL before the next billing date. Read the fine print, as always. But enjoy I really love it!

And THEN in the mail just yesterday, I received the new issue of our local newspaper, The Ogden Valley News! And on the front page, the photo that I sent them of my bully hummingbird, the Rufous, Mean Mister Mustard!

Thanks Jeannie and Shanna, for putting him on the front cover! Woo!

Happy happy everyone!

August 12

What an amazing weekend it has been for me! My heart is full of joy!

Yesterday was my old boss's birthday, he turned 50 which makes ME feel really ancient, and I was so thrilled to be able to chat with him via text from Utah to Australia! Happy birthday Charlie!

Here's looking at YOU kid!
We had so many fun times on that tour, too many to even remember, haha! They were definitely special times!

Saturday afternoon I grabbed my friend Brooke, some snacks and a bottle of wine,

screw top - more convenient, and we went to Park City to see pal Don Felder play a fantastic set of tunes, including a glorious version of "Seven Bridges Road" that I wish I would have recorded entirely.

What a fun night!

Brooke and I had a fantastic time, as you can see! (See Don between us?)

We were dancing and enjoying the tunes, like "Already Gone" and "Hotel California," whose solo I had to video! (Because it rocks so much!) (And I guess I was also rocking - sorry about the crazy camera action and the screaming!!!)

Don did an array of tunes that everyone cheered for and sang along with! I was so impressed with the show; the choice of songs, the performances of every single musician as well as the vocal harmonies. Hearing the range that these guys can sing was amazing! (Band members include Timothy Drury on keys and vocals, David Myhre on guitars and vocals, Wade Biery on bass and vocals, and Stevie D on drums and vocals!)

After the show, we went backstage to say hello,

and chat about guitars and amps and mutual friends and family, then Brooke and I headed to Main Street for a bite and a drink! On our way out we ran into the band members so stopped to chat with them for awhile! Such a fun night!

Yup, me and my hat again. Just in case you may have noticed!
THANK YOU DON for a fantastic evening!

This coming weekend, for folks south of Salt Lake City and north of Salt Lake City, I have events for you that will be super fun! Friday night, my band, Wildflower Moon, will be playing at the Helper Arts Festival on the Main Stage at 8pm, and then we play again on Saturday evening at my neighborhood's annual awesome event, The Ogden Valley Balloon Festival on the main stage at 6pm, after the fabulous local all-girl band, The Mothers of Mayhem, whom I adore! After we play, The Christian Mills Band will perform as the headliner. The whole weekend will be a fun time!
Support those local events please!

More to come as I try to keep writing and finding cool pics about stuff that you might like to see here on my little journal!

August 9

It's THROWBACK THURSDAY! This started, as far as I know, on Facebook, but so many of my friends and family members miss all of the fun photos that I post there, so I have decided to do my TBT here on my journal, which will reach a much bigger audience, but I will also share the link and photo to my official Twitter account AND Facebook page.

This photo was taken sometime in the late 70's, probably at Madame Wong's in Chinatown, a venue that my band Backstage Pass played and also where I saw The Police for the first time during their very first tour in America. Yes, Wong's Chinatown. And no, it was not packed for The Police since most people had no idea who they were. This pic was just a couple of kids from a couple of bands hanging out together. Stiv and I knew each other from back home, him being from Girard, Ohio, close enough where we would catch each other at local Cleveburgh clubs, especially the Tomorrow Club in Youngstown. When he was in Los Angeles, I did see him often, attending shows, parties, events, recording sessions, and more. He was even at The Orchids debut show at SIR in Hollywood, circa 1979, along with a few of the Doors, Michael Des Barres, Al Kooper and more. In this era of Stiv, he was dating Cynthia Ross from the B-Girls, a great punk/pop band from Canada/NYC, and they were in L.A. playing music and hanging out. Here are the Backstage Pass girls, left to right, Barbara, Spock, me with my mouth open, talking as usual, with what looks like gum in my mouth, Stiv, Cynthia, maybe another B-Girl, not sure, and half of a mustached man, also unknown. Photographer unknown. (Help anyone?)

What an amazing time to live in Los Angeles (or New York for that matter!)!

Stiv is terribly missed but we are all grateful for all of the photos we took back in those days, as well as some of Stiv's own pics. There is a new documentary coming out that may have one of my photos in it of Stiv, that is not credited to me, but was taken by me backstage at the Tomorrow Club in Youngstown when The Ramones played there in the 70s. RIP Stiv!

August 8

Hi again, I just realized that there is no way I will ever be able to remember all of your birthdays and post photos, but I will try. I missed my good pal Greg's birthday when I posted all of the ones with my girlfriends, so here is a pic of me playing with Greg and Dog in Pennsylvania in the last year or so. He is the drummer! (And mark your calendars, PA PEEPS, because THIS trio, aptly named Dog and The Catz, will be playing at Bloom Brew in West Newton, PA, on Friday August 31st at 6pm til whenever! We are working up some fun tunes and will practice at our gig! Hehe! You can get pints at BB and the Let It Slide food truck will be there that night!)

And TODAY is my "old" friend David's birthday! A long, long time ago, when I was a brunette-er maybe redhead ish girl, we had a "band" called Easy Action. David then went by the moniker "Steven J" while Sandy (on the left, RIP) picked the name Shanda Lear while I was just Che.

We have had loads of fun together, lost touch, recently reconnected and with the fabulous internet, phone, texting and simple ways to be in touch with one another, are in touch!
Happy Birthday David!

I am a part of a group on Facebook that is always posting interesting old music, videos, stuff that is not really "popular" anymore, some tunes or bands that people have forgotten about, and today someone posted a tune from the Buckingham Nicks album that was huge in Pittsburgh when it came out in late 1973. Going to art school every Saturday morning through the school year, from 5th grade through my senior year of high school, I would be able to kick around downtown, or near Pitt or Carnegie-Mellon where the pre-college art classes took place from 10th-12th grades, after class was over, around noon. There were so many things going on there; free concerts, festivals, street fairs, and more, and my friends and I were able to be a part of this, even though we were way younger than most of the attendees. My friend Natalie and I sold our hand made jewelry in a head shop in Oakland, near the Pitt campus, where her brother was a student. (And where we crashed sometimes when there was an evening concert to attend, staying in the co-ed dorms with her wonderfully protective brother!) The manager of the store was Robbie and he loved our jewelry (and maybe us too, I am not really sure.) But HE was the one who introduced me to the Buckingham Nicks album, before the radio stations were really starting to play the heck out of it. I LOVED the cover, wanted to be THAT girl, but then when I heard the music, playing over the speakers in the shop, I was totally hooked. Listening today, before I started to write all of this, I was in tears, remembering those times, those halcyon days, when my cares were all about "that boy" and making sure that I finished my homework, and whose party would we go to tonight, and what concert would be great (and affordable) to go to. The fourth song on this album always tears me up. (Crystal)

You can listen HERE to the entire album, and even download it. (I actually have the original vinyl album as well as the CD I bought years ago when I wasn't sure if vinyl would still have the ability to be played!) Here are some of the beautiful lyrics of that song that breaks me up:

How the faces of love have changed turning the pages
And I have changed, oh, but you, you remain ageless
I turned around and the water was closing all around
like a glove
Like the love that had finally, finally found me
Then I knew in the crystalline knowledge of you
Drove me through the mountains
Through the crystal like and clear water fountain
Drove me like a magnet
To the sea

This is me around that era. Digitized from an old slide.

August 6

Woo hoo, she's back! (Me!)

It's SUMMER and it has been a busy one for me, personally as well as with all of my solo shows and my band gigs! Even with this terrible drought that we are in out here in the west, the show must go on. Except for sweating in the sweltering heat and breathing in the smokey air, the outdoor shows have been super fun! Stay updated on all of my shows all over the place by either checking my tour dates here on my website or join my email list HERE on the right lower side of the page.

Lots of friends are having birthdays at this time of the year, including my pal, Lulu, from Pittsburgh

and my friend Angel, whom I met at NAMM a few years ago.

(Angel is in the middle, here with me, Karie, Kimiko and Amy, at NAMM 2017 in the Angel Suite!)

So, since Facebook has become really tough to interact with friends, many people do not even see my posts, and the event listing don't seem to work well with gathering friends and fans to my shows, I have decided to wean myself, and you, off of that site. Not totally, but slowly I will start posting less and less. You know, like those Throwback Thursday posts that we all love? Well, anyone who is not ON Facebook, like my MOM, cannot go to FB and see these fun old pictures from my colorful past, so I have decided to start posting those TBT photos HERE on my journal, and then will share the link with the Facebook crowd. So everyone can see them! Good idea? Yay? Nay?

My band Wildflower Moon, still only has a Facebook presence but will soon have our own professional website, so look out for that! Here we are playing at the Ogden Valley Open Market on Thursday night July 26th, with me rocking my NITEBOB shirt.

If you do not know WHO Nitebob is, you need to google that! He and I go WAY back! And the team that makes the Open Market happen is here, and yes, that is me!

L-R: ShyAnna, Elissa, Sarah and me

Stay tuned for more fun photos and news and all of that stuff!

Mark your calendars for August 17 at the Helper Arts Festival for the band, 8pm, and in the Ogden Valley at Eden Park for the Balloon Festival on August 18 at 6pm, playing during the balloon glow, which is fabulous! Also on Saturday August 18 at the Balloon Fest, you can catch our friends, The Mothers of Mayhem, an all girl band that plays the heck out of classic rock tunes by bands like Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin!

And PA and MD people, I'm returning at the end of the month!

Thanks for your support!