Che Zuro's Autumn 2018 Journal                Archived Journals HERE!

October 4

Since it is Throwback Thursday (TBT) on Facebook and I have decided to post those photos here first, here is the pic of the day. It is me, in the back yard of my childhood home, playing my 12 string so seriously I could just crack up. I must have been 15? Cannot remember, but I did love that guitar and even though I was a rocker chick, I did do the acoustic thing. My friend Natalie and I were even the songster's at summer day camp with the Girl Scouts. (Was it at Camp Youghahela?) This is where we would put together a contemporary folk song to teach the younger kids, and write the lyrics on poster board, then lead the sing a long! I know some of you don't believe this, but I was a Girl Scout pretty much my whole childhood, starting with Brownies in 2nd grade and having to quit as a Senior GS when there were only 2 of us in the troop. (I can't remember who the other girl was now, probably because it was so short lived from the troop being so small, haha!)

Played last night at The Yes Hell in Ogden (great name, huh?) and Melissa did some video, so check it out if you can. You may have to be on FB but who knows? Here ya go -

Yes, Ronnie James Dio. Hehe.

More coming soon! XO

October 3

October... Ahhhhhhh. Love it.
We, in the west, are finally getting some much needed rain, although too much rain could bring flooding to many western states. Even so, it has been lovely today hearing the rain pound on the roof, that scent of wet earth in the air plus a faint scent of someone's fireplace whose fuel must be some kind of fruit tree wood, and the cool breeze coming through the screens, possibly the last time that the windows will be wide open this year. Autumn is really and truly here. And I love it!

There are lots of tour dates coming up, mostly in Utah, but in November I have a couple of shows south of Pittsburgh and also in Cresaptown, Maryland. Just booked the old/new joint, Muddy Waterz, which was, in another lifetime, a restaurant that had the best fish dinners on Fridays during Lent while I was growing up. It was THE go to place, called Wolf's Tavern at the time, with neighbors who worked there and families welcome. Later in another decade, an old friend of mine became the owner, and decided to keep the name Country Club Tavern, which it had become when Wolf's sold out and moved on, and that is where I would see all of my friends when I first was away from home and went back for visits. After he sold it, it went through a few more changes until recently when it became Muddy Waterz and is a great place once again! The owners threw an amazing event to raise money to help all of the people who were flooded on September 10th, while I was still back there, on the following weekend, and it was hugely successful. They are such an incredible part of the community and I am thrilled to be able to play there this next trip back. Hope to see lots of old friends at this place!

I decided to book the month of October with all women to bring awareness to Breast Cancer and hope that having an all woman month will prompt women to go and get checked! The line up is fantastic with folkies, rockers, country chicks and more! Here is the schedule - if you are in the Ogden, Utah area, try and get out to see some of these women!

Hey, if you are planning on coming out to the Harvest Festival in Kamas on Saturday, DRESS WARM and bring your umbrella and galoshes! The show must go on!

And now it is time to say goodnight! (Yes, she found my shopping bag and somehow got in and situated like this and fell asleep. Precious!)