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August 2

I keep meaning to post things and then get sidetracked. So please excuse my bad behavior. Today though, I must write a few words about a man that we just lost, Sam Shepard. What a brilliant writer and actor. My Sam story goes like this: Back in the 80s when I lived near The Beverly Center, which was brand new, haha, I used to ride my bicycle to lots of places. Sometimes it was with my friend Steve Robins, sometimes alone, often in the evening when the cool of the night would bring all of the different scents of whatever trees and flowers were planted on whatever street, many of them different. Night blooming jasmine down Sweetzer, roses on Flores, magnolias on Kings Rd., each street having a different flavor. Often I would ride on Beverly Blvd. or Melrose Blvd. almost to where it ended, where there was a restaurant called Trump's (pre-Trump Presidential era and before this location became Morton's when they moved from across the street) that I felt comfortable going to alone. Often, in bike clothing or ratty jeans and a sweatshirt, I was served just like the women dripping in diamonds would be treated. As a good customer. The valet parker guys would even take my bicycle for me and when I would show up in my brand new Chevy Blazer (pre-SUV era) they would park my beauty in between the Rolls and Ferrari's which was always hysterical and very, very kind! Heading into the bar for my usual (vodka martini straight up 2 olives OR an Amstel Light) I also would have dinner or a light snack, and loved their brie and green grape quesadilla, which I make at home to this day! This is where Sam came into my life!

Sam Shepard would also be in the bar area, usually in ratty jeans and a t shirt, alone, having a beer and some light fare. Although I never had a conversation with him, we always said hello, flirted a bit, appreciated each other for going to a fancy place as we were, you know, ratty jeans and all, and this always made my evening at Trump's. Hearing about his death on Sunday, July 30th, brought these memories back into my head like it was yesterday. It reminded me of some of the crazy things I did as well as some of the things I did not do, like gush over Sam and try to get to know him better. Bitter sweet. I will always remember the flirty feelings and his sparkling eyes, beautiful smile, and the precious soul that he was, that I got to experience first hand.

God's speed, Sam.

California trip photo journal coming soon!

July 2


We are in full on summer here in Northern Utah, but I will be enjoying summer in many other places throughout the rest of the summer, including Southern Utah (HOT HOT HOT), Los Angeles area, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and SW Pennsylvania for sure! Check out my tour dates as I update and add dates throughout the rest of the season!

Independence Day is upon us, AGAIN, and I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone. We are already halfway through 2017! Time flies. (My Mom was RIGHT!!!!) Seize the day, every day, and do good things for yourself, your family and friends as well as your community! Stay positive and live life to it's fullest! There is so much to see and do! Don't waste it by complaining!

Here is to a fantastic (and safe) July 4th! Don't forget what this date is about. FREEDOM!